The Audissey’s Self-Titled EP

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The Audissey is Winship Wheatley & Joel Bays based in Annapolis, MD. Their self-titled EP released August 22 and it holds a Soft-Rock/Blues sound with a splash of Jazz.

The six-track album kicks off with “Nest” which sounds similar to John Mayer with a hint of Jason Mraz but shakes that feeling as a more Blues/Jazz vibe takes over.

“Towers” is jazzy riff-filled jam. “Constantly” is one of the more driving tracks on the album. “Addiction” has a friendly feel like you would hear in a super-market but still a unique ambience to it. “Home” strays to be a bit more edgy but still holds on to that more jazzy drive the rest of the album builds up to.

“River Boat” starts out sounding almost like a Mumford & Sons rip-off but quickly develops into a cool rhythm with catchy lyrics. “Wishing I was fishing in a river boat, listening to the crickets and the bullfrogs croak, ‘cause I’m wasting my time, I’m wasting my life in a cubicle.” The song and album end, not only on strong, but on a soft note like the whim to be on a river boat.

The album seems to drift off just as fast as it comes with the longest track at 3:31 but that is not to say it is a bad thing because there is no sacrifice in style or sound by prolonging the experience. If you enjoy any of the bands mentioned above, The Audissey is for you.

Their self-titled EP is streaming on their Bandcamp and can be found here. They  can also be found on Facebook.

Track Listing:

1) Nest
2) Towers
3) Constantly
4) Addiction
5) Home
6) River Boat


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