The Goodnight Moon Part II album cover

Rookie of the Year – The Goodnight Moon Part II

The Goodnight Moon Part II album coverAs you can tell, The Goodnight Moon Part II is a follow-up album with the first being in 2006. This 11-track album is what I have been waiting to hear since Rookie of the Year’s Sweet Attention. On the first listen through, I found so much to like about it. This is a great album that has so many aspects from The Goodnight Moon (one of my personal favorite albums) to give long-time fans something new to fall in love with.

RotY had a couple of albums since, and where I liked them, there was just something that was lacking in them. This album makes up for that void and more.
With that in mind, some of the highest energy tracks are right at the start, this works on this album because once the softer songs begin, it coasts to the end, slowly tapering off until the last note of “444″.

Some of the most notable tracks on this album include: “Wild and Free (The Way It Goes)”, “Love/ME/Crazy”, and “Light Years Away”. These tracks are pretty close to each other in the beginning in album, which give it that huge burst of energy mentioned above that softly blends into the later tracks of  “Save Me”, which has a great intro riff and a dreamy pop-acoustic sound throughout and “Leave It All Behind” with the signature style of RotY with a slight country twinge.

All things considered, I may stray to say that I love this album. It has some new aspects thrown in with a plethora of classic style but all of them contributed to me diving head-first into love with this album.

1) Everything
2) Love/ME/Crazy
3) Light Years Away
4) Three Words
5)  Wild and Free (The Way it Goes)
6) Colors of Summer
7) Save Me
8) Leave It All Behind
9)  Raleigh
10) Love and War
11) 444

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